It's not every day I get to write a column about two of my

favourite things - but now that time has come! These pastimes involve

very little effort. In fact the longer we spend doing either of them,

the better it is for us, apparently. So hoorah!

Have you guessed them yet? Well, it's sitting down and lying

down. You can't beat them!

It's not every day you buy a new sofa or bed on which to do

it. So why not make it a showstopper?

Statistically, we're going to spend almost a third of our

lives asleep so it is really important that you get your bed right.

Not only in terms of comfort and support but also how it looks -

because you probably won't be changing it any time soon.

The same goes for your sofa.

It's going to take up three-quarters of your living room so

make it an absolute belter!

LB has come up trumps again with this wonderfully named range.

Let's face it, if you are going to spend a third of your life in

slumber you might as well do it in a bed fit for a queen.

Laurence Llewelyn Bowen - Home collection: Private dancer

headboard, PS379-PS439; Queen of The Night bedding, PS39; cushions, from

PS10; Glamdelier table lamp, PS62; Scaramouche side table, PS189; throw,

PS24, all Littlewoods

My mum used to call me Princess, from the Princess and the Pea

story, as I couldn't sleep in a bed that wasn't as comfy as my

own! A mattress that's just too bumpy, lumpy, too soft and squidgy

or as hard as a board - awful! Silentnight have taken the science of

sleep and come up with a mattress encinitas ca real estate that looks fit for a princess, without

a pea in sight.

Geltex bed, from PS909, Silentnight

Grosvenor large three-seater, PS799, Multiyork

Expect the unexpected. In this case, taking a design inspired by

the gentle curves of the Victorian era and smothering it with fabric

that is bang on trend for 2014 will make a statement, no matter where in

the house you put it.

Fancy Nancy three-seater, from PS1,999, Sofaworkshop

Have you noticed the posh new sofas on This Morning? If you were

wondering where they are from, I've had the lowdown from Holly and

Phil. The colour is Earth Wedgewood, by the way. Just don't tell

anyone it came from me!

What's black and white and red all over? In my day the answer

was a sunburned penguin! Today it's this lovely bedding set that

would look gorgeous in any bedroom.

Painted square check bedding set from PS14.99, BHS

Tupe.One word that sends shudders down the spine of every

colour-loving householder. But just look at what you can do with this

most subtle of shades. Mixing and matching white and greys in sumptuous

fabrics gives you a bedroom that is guaranteed to make you breathe out

and relax.

Inferno double bed in taupe, PS749,

Fearne Cotton Home: Melrose three-seater sofa, PS899; Melrose

footstool, PS299; Fearne two-drawer bedside chest, PS169; Amelia

cushions, PS15; Bella cushion, PS15; Darcy mirror, PS199, Hepburn

floorlamp, PS47; Erin frames (pack of two), PS22, all Very

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